Fitze is a fitness rewards app in the United Arab Emirates

designed to help you incorporate wellness into your day-to-day life, while winning exciting rewards.


Conceptualised, designed and developed a UAE-based fitness rewards app

Fitze is the first ever fitness rewards-based application for iOS and Android in the Gulf Cooperation Council region, launched with a vision to incorporate health and wellness into users’ daily lives. Find out how Iffort helped the brand in successfully launching their vision into a reality with our technical expertise.


We established the app's features and capabilities during the ideation phase, determined the target demographic and their demands, and created a user interface that offers a great user experience. Our objective was to develop a distinctive value proposition that motivates people to work out by making it enjoyable and rewarding.


We developed the app with seamless functionality and advanced features, leveraging the latest mobile app technologies to create an engaging and responsive user interface that aligns with the brand's vision. Multiple iterations and rigorous testing ensured smooth performance across multiple devices and operating systems.


We launched the fitness application across various platforms after thorough testing and refinement. The app store listing was optimized to improve search visibility and user downloads. The launch was well received, resulting in a surge in downloads and positive reviews. We continue to monitor and optimize the app's performance for fitness enthusiasts.

And they are making headlines

Fitze is running successfully in the UAE. Till date, the app has crossed 65,000 satisfied users, and is counting. It has gained 50k downloads since its inception. We are proud to be a part of this project that incentivizes residents to adopt healthy living in an environment where exercise has no room in their workday schedule.

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how does the app work

How does the
app work?

1. Download the free mobile app

2. Connect with your smart device

3. Take a step & earn coin

4. Redeem big rewards for every step


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